Can Invisalign Fix An Underbite?

Dentists are able to fix a wide variety of issues beyond just replacing broken or missing teeth. Bite issues, such as an underbite where your lower teeth do not extend out far enough to match the rest of your mouth, are treatable in many instances. In fact, you can often get your bite alignment fixed and straighten out your teeth with some dental treatments.

For example, Invisalign® invisible braces, which are an effective braces alternative to traditional metal braces, can fix underbite issues. We here at Cranston Cosmetic Dentistry will do our best to explain how Invisalign clear aligners can help you with your underbite:


What causes an underbite?

There are multiple factors and causes that can lead to an underbite developing in children. A few of the major causes include:


When can Invisalign invisible braces fix underbites?

If an underbite is caught early on in life, and there is only mild misalignment, Invisalign invisible braces is a great way to correct underbite issues. By wearing a proper aligner and following instructions from your orthodontist, your child will straighten out their teeth and smile at the same time.

For severe cases where the jaw is misaligned, and for some older patients, a combination of Invisalign clear aligners and surgery is recommended. The surgery will perform the initial realignment, while Invisalign braces will help your bite settle into its proper place while helping with the recovery following surgery.


How do Invisalign invisible braces fix underbites?

Invisalign invisible braces correct bite issues just like traditional metal braces. Invisalign aligners gently push your teeth and mouth into its proper position while worn, improving your smile without having to resort to surgery in most instances. For the best smile, new aligners are made every few weeks, so it is important to visit your orthodontist for each scheduled appointment.

It is also important to wear your aligner as much as possible and to follow all other instructions from your orthodontist or pediatric dentist. Your Invisalign invisible aligners can’t do anything if it’s not in your mouth, so only take it out when you’re eating, brushing your teeth, playing sports, or engaging in other activities where you need to take it out.


Correct your underbite at Cranston Cosmetic Dentistry

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